About us

The Knightsbridge Business Group has been in existence for over 30 years and is currently Chaired by Andrew Coney.

Our objectives are to promote the commercial character of Knightsbridge for the benefit of our members and to foster neighbourly relationships by working closely with other residential and commercial groups in the area.

We purposely keep our membership count low to ensure we are known to each other personally and this makes for lively discussions on local, political and topical issues ranging from congestion charge, policing, traffic flow, noise and air pollution. A guest speaker is occasionally invited to attend. We are not a charity but aim to help with local events and worthwhile causes.

The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, of which we are Patrons, exists to connect businesses in the Royal borough with their local community through engaging and partnering with local charities, drawing support from local individuals, groups of residents, businesses and schools for high impact charitable work.

Charitable recipients and beneficiaries have been;
  • The Jubilee Sailing Trust
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Trust
  • The Intermission Youth Theatre
  • The Lullaby Trust
  • The Grenfell Tower Disaster Fund
  • Honeypot Children's Charity
  • The Household Cavalry Foundation
  • The Chelsea Community Hospital Schools
  • The West London Action for Children

The Knightsbridge Business Group support
The Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum Initiative

“We are aware that The Knightsbridge Association is leading an important initiative to create The Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum (KNF) with the express purpose of promoting and improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Knightbridge Neighbourhood Area. We commend the objectives and believe that the aims of the proposed KNF are very much inline with the values of The Knightbridge Business Group.”